Range Buddy Pro

Range Buddy Pro

Range Buddy Pro

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App & Game: Range Buddy Pro

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Range Buddy Pro is a mobile app designed for shooting sports enthusiasts,
especially precision rifle shooters and hand loaders. It has all the features of
Range Buddy plus Cloud support:

  • Upload and store your shooting results to Reloader's Cloud. You can free up you device storage space and access the records anywhere.

  • Download your hand loading data. You can have all you hand loading records in you phone before you head to the range.

  • Choose your hand loading ammunition in equipment setup. The shooting results will be linked with your hand landings

  • Download your firearm data from Reloader's Cloud. You can quickly switch firearms in session setup.

To use these features, please go to http://www.reloaderscloud.com and create your free account.

Features same as Range Buddy:

  • Use phone's camera capture properly scaled target pictures

  • Allow pick target picture from device picture library

  • Allow manually set picture reference size

  • Allow re-analysis target

  • Allow analyzing and recording multiple groups on the same target

  • Calculate group size, point of impact by analyzing target picture

  • Generate analyzed target pictures for record keeping and easy sharing

  • Record equipment setup along with the target pictures

  • Record shooting conditions such as temperature, wind condition and GPS locations

  • Manage the records of shooting results

  • Share the target picture with email or social media

Requires Android device with Android 4.4 or newer, with a back camera.

1. Allow user print picture of equipment or setup with the target.
2. Allow user enter real range time.
3. Optional print group area in MOA.